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Alberta is a province found in the Western region of Canada that is known for its tremendous oil wealth, friendly residents, and beautiful and very diverse cities and cultures. With 3.8 million residents, Alberta is the fourth largest province in Canada by population and has by far the strongest and fastest growing economy in the nation.

Qualified candidates will be selected directly from the Express Entry pool by Alberta. Candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta and who can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities will receive a Notification of Interest from Alberta. International graduates will also be considered under this stream.

The much awaited Alberta Express Entry Stream has been unveiled by the province, along with a new Alberta Opportunity Stream. Alberta is the latest province to implement an Express Entry-based provincial nomination stream.

The previous method to get work in this district, which is the fourth most populous in Canada, had many obstacles for those who came from other countries with the intention of settling in Alberta.

This was the main reason why the Federal Government decided to modify the procedure and make it easier, balanced and direct for people of different nationalities, who chose this region as their next home.

New changes in the recruitment process

These transformations consist in reducing the steps that the applicant must follow, through the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS). In addition, the project was extended to all professions and occupations, with greater emphasis on trade.

Ample stability was assured for those aspirants who had some kind of connection with the city, family, professional or for the benefit of the community, allowing them to make the process of citizenship less complicated. Those who have a stable partner or children will be considered provincial aspirants and those who meet all the medical, security and criminal requirements will opt for permanent residency.

News of the program

New occupations have been included and the level of training has been expanded to be accepted as candidates. This new perspective will help applicants who want to be residents since they have reduced the time lapses for the process, having as an essential requirement, the command of the language, whether English or French, a previously determined income, and an educational level.

The alternatives presented to immigrants to apply for a job have been divided into two branches. The first is the classification as a self-employed worker or entrepreneur and, the second, in the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS), the latter with new innovations aimed at simplifying and facilitating processes.

Another feature of the AOS is that it will give equal opportunities to candidates of any educational and professional level. Likewise, it decreases the waiting periods for the results of the procedures and will contribute to offering better alternatives to those that have some kind of link or relationship with the region, greatly expanding all the classifications.

In case you have requested by mail some process, dated before June 14, 2.018, date in which these new strategies were implemented, you should not reapply, be sure that your requirement will be reviewed, according to the criteria established at the time of the request.

Another requirement has to do with the educational level since it is essential that the secondary school has been completed. People who have a permit to work with a Postgraduate degree are not qualified to apply if their work is in the list of occupations that have a high or low salary in the city.

If you want to apply again, you must ask the AINP to eliminate the previous request, writing to the mail or by text message. Once you have confirmed the withdrawal of the previous one, you can reapply.

Extension of the professions

Today, the margin of applications has been opened and it was decided to include professionals of all levels, with various skills and abilities. The restrictions that the program has been listed in a list of jobs those are not eligible. If his occupation does not appear on this list, he is a candidate to apply.

The language is very important to apply to any of these alternatives, as well as the educational level and the amount of income received by the participant, to be sure that it will be successfully introduced into the community and that it will be able to sustain your family in a prudent amount of time.

Applicants with international studies

These candidates may be eligible only if they are graduates of an education program in Alberta. They can choose to apply for a job opportunity, just by having a Postgraduate Work Permit. For this they must comply with a few requirements, namely:

  • Proven work experience of at least six months. This experience should be a work that is related to the area of ​​studies. This requirement is established within a shorter time, than for other occupations.

  • English or French must be mastered

  • You have to have an entrance of money, which guarantees the stability of the applicant.

This alternative does not apply to candidates who have graduated in other jurisdictions of the country. But, in case they have another kind of work permit, other than Graduate Work, they can be accepted into the program. In addition, they must have the educational levels and techniques that are required by the recruitment system in Alberta to be considered as candidates for the Alberta Nominee Immigrants Program.

In order for the postulates to verify if they meet the requirement that their skills be on the list of the most sought after, in Alberta, a list of programs has been designed for post-secondary students and a compilation of the jobs that we are eligible for. , which is called “process rejection list”.

It is important to note that, the data that appear in this list can be modified, so it is advisable to review it frequently, to find out if your occupation was included or remains in the same status. There is also another list where ineligible jobs are shown, with another kind of criteria, this selection is for Alberta Opportunity Stream.

If the students that apply in the AINP, their occupation are reflected in the list of eligible, they will be accepted at the moment. They must register in the Secondary Program publication and complete all the requested procedures.

Due to the variety of measures that have been introduced in these changes, the Federal Government has established a transition period, with the purpose of adapting the district. This measure is temporary until the processes are adjusted.

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