Business Driven Program Northwest Territories PNP Entrepreneur Business Stream.

The (NTNP) Northwest Territories’ Provincial Nominee Program targets entrepreneurs and/or owner-operators of businesses who wish to establish a business in the Northwest Territories. Businesses in all economic sectors are welcome to apply

Northwest Territories (NWT) is the name of an expansive territory, which shares a border with Nunavut and Yukon. Home to some largest and untouched forests with a population of just 40,000 residents. Yellowknife, the capital is located on the shores of Great Slave Lake serves as a major industrial hub for workers in the region. The basic source of economy is excessive geological resources, such as diamonds, gold, petroleum and natural gas. Entrepreneur Stream are designed to attract business expertise and investment capital to enhance the economic environment of the Northwest Territories.

The current , Northwest Territories PNP Entrepreneur Business Stream, Canada includes the following dynamics:

option 1

A minimum of $300,000 CDN equity into starting or buying a business within the corporate boundaries of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

option 2

Minimum of $150,000 CDN equity into starting or buying a business outside of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


  • Demonstrate their net worth is at least $500,000 CAD if the business is located in Yellowknife, or a minimum of $250,000 CAD if the business is located outside Yellowknife

  • Make a $75,000 CAD refundable deposit guaranteeing the execution of the Performance Agreement, signed between the province and the applicant
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the markets and the Northwest Territories as well as their economy
  •  Have basic language proficiency in English or French
  • Meet the minimum skills and education requirements to execute the business plan
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“Through the” Express Entrance “program many people have managed to enter, work and study within the country, living the Canadian dream in that way. A program that has a system that works based on points, therefore the person who applies will get the cleanest response based on their strengths and skills.


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