Ontario PNP Skilled Immigration Programs

Ontario is important because it is the area where politics, economy, and society are concentrated, as well as being the favorite place for immigrants, with representatives from more than 200 different countries and who communicate in more than 125 different languages.

It is one of the provinces with the highest population density in Canada, it is the seat of the capital of the country, Ottawa, and the largest, Toronto, which is also recognized as the place where all trade and finance meets.

To settle in this province in a simple way, a regional nomination must be made, which must be done in compliance with the immigration procedure in line with the Express Entry.

With this OINP program, the aspirants of other nationals who want to emigrate to Ontario, have the possibility of requesting a residence in the country, permanently, by means of a free procedure.

This proposal is aimed at immigrants who have possibilities, skills and proven experience to help the development that the area has. One of the two options to be evaluated by the Ontario PNP is the Express Entry and make the request through OINP.

When given a regional nomination, the applicant can draw up a profile with all the necessary information for the Express Entry of Canada and relevant documentation can be added to be nominated in Ontario.

When registering the options that the applicant expects to obtain, the system will evaluate them and proceed to locate the applicant, through Express Entry and make a formal invitation, to be admitted to the immigrant program.

The certificate that is given to the applicant has the faculty to be able to be transferred by means of the Express Entry. This activity may increase, immediately, the score in 600 points for the (CRS) Integral Classification System.

The immigration worker can improve the profile of the applicant, sent an Invitation, which can be applied in (ITA) to be taken into account for the next classification to be made in several months. When you have been nominated you can apply for permanent residence, this process will last at least 6 months.

PNP Ontario

This program provides assistance to those who are immigrating, as a qualified person and have family members. Those who enter the system are considered as regional applicants of the Express Entry and are directed to obtain residency.

It is the most innovative method that is being implemented in Ontario. This program helps with the creation of jobs, expansion of economic development and job preservation.

This program is designed to boost the contractor, which means that it has been evaluated beforehand. The job position must have the approval of the employer and provide an application for the PNP postulate in Ontario.

Nomination categories

Those who wish to be part of this program for immigrants have 6 options to choose from, each with several subdivisions:


International students

Entrepreneur or entrepreneur

Human capital

Qualified worker (French language)


Requirements to choose the categories

The Corporations are aimed at boosting international corporations, so they can be established in the area. For this, the following requirements must be met:

The entrepreneur must have $ 5 million for the investment

Create 5 jobs

They must provide employment to those who apply

Classifieds have two years to master English

Must have a history of 3 years or more of international agreements

The classification of international students has 3 divisions, those that have a work proposal, those that have a postgraduate or international doctorate and a postgraduate Master International Pilot.

For the postulates to the Pilot program, it is required:

The desire to settle in Ontario

Public university degree

Full-time academic year

Wait two years to submit the application, after completing the Master’s

Have a legal residence in Ontario

Speak French and English

Enough income to support

You should not continue studying in the future

For those of international postgraduate studies:

Live legally in the country

Enter the application after 2 years of finishing the doctorate

Graduate in a public university

For international students:

Complete a postgraduate or a one or two-year diploma abroad

Have a graduate degree from a public university in Canada

Have a high-level work proposal, not necessarily in the same area

Less than two years after completing studies

Have legal status

Regarding the category of entrepreneurs:

Invest $ 500,000, at least in the region, if you are in Toronto you must be $ 1,000,000

Have equity of $ 800,000 minimum, if it is in Toronto it amounts to $ 1,500,000

The company must create two jobs for residents or citizens

Two-year term to meet the requirements

Have 3 years of proven experience in the administration area

For human capital, it is required:

Be a graduate, have a master’s or doctorate and an education reporter in another country

Have skills with regard to writing, reading, speaking languages

Proven experience in the labor area of ​​at least one year, full time

A score of 400 or more.

Wishing to settle in Ontario

Funds needed to maintain

For those who speak French:

Higher education abroad

Master French and English

Proven experience of one year in the labor area with a high level

Intention to reside in Ontario

Enough finance to stay

For the applicant of the general category:

Have proven and paid work experience of two years

Full-time and permanent job offer, with a high level

Be legally in the country

The form “Pre-screen Position” and “Joint Verification” with the signature of the employer.

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