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This country provides opportunities and different visas that suit the needs of each immigrant, regardless of their nationality while thinking of Canada as a potential country to be part of their trips, visits, vacations or life in general.

Very popular for being one of the safest countries, with better quality of life, less crime, among other positive aspects, a nation with so many immigrants who want to enter, know the country and reside there, of course, that must keep the flow of people on the margin, ensuring control and security at all times.

Many clearly consider Canada as a perfect country to emigrate or visit at least once in their lives, but do they really know the tools that are offered to them? Well, depending on the reason and the status of the person, you may have more possibilities than other people to obtain a specific type of visa.

tourist / visitor visa

The tourist visa is the most common; many people around the world think of Canada as a perfect country to visit during vacations or free time because it has beautiful natural spaces and a different climate.

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“Through the” Express Entrance “program many people have managed to enter, work and study within the country, living the Canadian dream in that way. A program that has a system that works based on points, therefore the person who applies will get the cleanest response based on their strengths and skills.


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